Tuesday, May 9

Socks Socks and more Socks!

That is what I will be able to knit after my Maryland Sheep and Wool purchases. Take a look:


I think I have enough yarn for 11 pairs of socks! I really enjoy making socks though. I went to MS&W with one yarn on my mind to find. Something in the green family to make the elfine socks I have seen online. I found it and so much more! The green yarn in the middle is handpainted, and I can not remember from where. I was so excited to find it, and was showing it to everyone. I also bought some handpainted from Tess' yarns, and some socks that rock in the neptunite colorway. I was very happy to get some socks that rock. It was going very very fast. The only sock yarn I have a deffinate pattern for is the green. I will pick patterns for the others as I go. Of all that yarn, one color is for my husband. I will not make any more socks for my daughter, because she is an unapreciative little brat. My son ooohhed and aaahhed when I pulled out the green. I think I will have to find some green yarn to make him some socks. He at least wears his that I made. The six balls of yarn on the back right were $3.95 each! I forget the namebrand on those as well. They are a 40% cotton 40% wool and 20% nylon mix. Should maybe make some nice summer socks? Other than the sock yarn I did get some laceweight from Morehouse Merino (think that is the name). Beautiful stuff. I will be casting it on in the next couple of weeks. Plus my evil (really kind and caring) friends Heather and Cheryl bought me a drop spindle and some roving. I kept looking at them and was going to get one, but then decided no I do not need another hobby. Well they felt I needed another hobby I guess and surprised me with the spindle and roving. I decided to buy some more roving then so I could have a lot to practice with. What awesome friends I have. We all had such a good time together. I am soooooo lucky to have found such wonderful friends.

On another note, my family really missed me this weekend, and it is such a nice feeling to be loved and missed like that. My kids about knocked me back out the front door when they heard me coming in. My husband was outside hugging me on the porch. Yesterday after school I had a new shadow. My daughter was practically attatched to my hip. She really missed me. My family is so awesome. Sunday while I was away, they all worked to finish the landscaping in the front yard and it looks so nice. Plus they gave me my mothers day gifts early. Part of my gift was money for MS&W. The other gift was the new tennis shoes (Sketchers) I have been wanting for awhile now. They gave me the shoes early because they were afraid I would go buy them this week. So wonderful. Ok enough bragging about the family. I have some minor house work to do then I can knit knit knit!


The Evil Enabler Cheryl said...

Well we certainly did have a great time! Again, thanks for driving!
Tell the unappreciative brat Sami she better shape up! lol!!

aloicious said...

It is sooo cool to have a family to come home to that missed you, and we are also so very lucky to have a friend like you. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome time!!!!!!

hollyboc said...

Wow.. you kicked butt at MS&W. I can't wait to see all that stuff knit (and spun) up!

Heather said...


How great this weekend was!!! I had a great time too and can't wait to see your socks knitted up! I know yours will be showing up quicker then mine. LOL

Loving the magic loop!