Sunday, June 25

finished objects and flowers

I finished my Tiger socks today!! Woo Hoo I love them. I am very happy with them. I love Opal yarns. I have some left that I think will be baby socks for my nephew who is due in September. I also included a picture of the table deco I made for my mother in law. She put in on the table with the liberty bell on top. How appropriate. The final pictures were taken by my husband this evening. We took a walk around the house looking at all the flowers I have planted. Very pretty with the raindrops on them. Enjoy!!

This and That 038

This and That 029

This and That 035

This and That 030


aloicious said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!

SJ said...

Great socks! (or should I say "Grrrreat socks!"?)

Lucy said...

I'm finally catching up on my blog reading only to get behind again when I go on vacation. Anyway, the Burgh is supposed to be sunny on Saturday...but those flowers do look pretty with the raindrops on them. Love all the socks you've been knitting...great colors!!!