Friday, June 23

Time Flies

Time seems to be moving faster and faster. It is already Friday again. That means it is time for ZYX along! This weeks letter is "D". I love "D"! It could mean "Donna"(thats me!), "Don" (thats my husband!), "Dustin" (my son!), "Daughter" (Sami!), and also "Done"!!!!!!

I am finished with my MIL's project. It was a small crochet project and it only took about 2 hours. Plus I also finished my first "Tiger" sock. I have already cast on for the second one and have about 4 inches done! Been crafting like crazy.

Not so much crafting today though. I have to take my kids to their dad's. It is a 160 mile round trip. YUCK!!!!! Catch you all Monday hopefully with pictures of my finished objects!

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