Thursday, June 22

Just Crazy

That is how I feel right now. It has been a crazy mixed up week to me. First off I had a med check at the Dr. I guess I am embracing the "better living through chemicals" mindset. I don't want to trust me. I am sick of meds. I have tried to stop taking them, and I just get all messed up. I don't know how many people actually read this, but if you have any thoughts or such on Fibromyalgia please pass them on to me. I am sooooo sick of this feeling like crap. The newest thing I am trying is muscle relaxers during the day. Sleep city. Ok enough about that I'm sure you all really don't want to know. Second thing for the week is my son and his behavior at school. Not really bad, just disruptive. He has ADHD and is currently on no meds. I took him off his last one cause is made him very pissy and moody. What a family huh? Third thing is my husband has been in a crabby pissy mood and so it makes the rest of us crabby and pissy. I think it is the heat. No AC here and that would be another issue I don't want to even think about. Trust me sitting here at the computer blogging is causing me to sweat. Ooops I whining again. Sorry trying to avoid that. Well ok here is some knitting to distract you:

This and That 027

This is the progress on my Sonata Tank. Progress has slowed due the pain in the ass of having too many stitches on too short a needle. I am not positive but I think the directions are wac. I have made a mod already to make the tank work for me. I reread the directions yesterday, and it does call for a 16" needle. So now I have an item that can be blocked anywhere from 42" to 50" on a needle that is 16". Fun for sure let me tell you. I don't have a longer needle either or I would move the tank. Sigh. I will finish this if it kills me. Plus it will be done in time to take on vacation next month. We are leaving on the 18th so I have time. Ok on to a knit project that is just making me smile every time I work on it:

This and That 028

These are my Opal Tiger socks. I love them. I am so tickled by the way the yarn is stiping. Ok I admit it don't take much to amuse me. I got the yarn as a gift from my friend Cheryl. Thank you again so much. I love these socks.

In other crafting news I am going to crochet this from some Peaches and Cream yarn I bought the other day. It is called Old Glory. Kind of a faded red/white/blue color. It will be a hotmat/centerpiece for my MIL's table. My husband and I are going to visit her on Sunday, so I better get busy. My children will be away this weekend, so I am hoping to have some nice quiet time with my husband. Well ok enough whining and so on for now.


DDancer said...

I've had FM for quite awhile. Ask your Dr. about Trazadone. It's saved me.
That and regular (every other week) trips to a Chiropractor and weekly massages.

Barbara said...

The tank top is a beautiful color, and the socks do indeed look quite tigery. I'm easily amused too. About the fibromyalgia. I don't have it so I probably shouldn't give advice, but you did ask. My yoga teacher told me she had fibromyalgia so severe she was unable to work as a nurse anesthetist. A friend of hers came over from India to take care of her, and insisted that they do two hours of yoga together a day. Over time, the fibromyalgia lessened and then went away. I'm not suggesting you do two hours of yoga a day, but you might want to try one of those "easy does it" yoga classes just to see if it does anything for you. By the way, I love my yoga teacher, she is at least 100 lbs overweight, and as she says, "If I can do yoga, then you can too." Great gal. Also, the commentor above suggested massage and I bet that would be helpful too.

hollyboc said...

I love everything you're knitting right now. The stitch pattern on the tank is really neat.