Monday, June 19

More Finished Objects!!!!

Woo Hoo! I love finished objects! Take a look:

This and That 022

My husbands socks finished and being modeled by him. I like the yarn the pattern and the short row heel. I do not like the bind off at the cuff. I had the worst time making them loose enough to fit. I did it though after ripping the cuff out a bunch of times.

This and That 023

My Hedera socks finished! Don't mind my fat legs. LOL I have the weirest body I think. I am big all over except for my hands and feet which are small and petit looking. I look as if I should fall over whenever I am standing. Hehe!

This and That 024

This is my Sonata tank. It is coming along well. It looks kind of odd right now. You start by casting on the shoulders and knitting down so far and then cast on sts between them to create the front and knit for a few rows. Those sts are put on hold then and you pick up sts on the shoulders and do the same for the back. Eventually, you gather all sts on one needle and knit the body in the round. No sewing for this sweater. Pretty cool huh?

Well gotta go!


hollyboc said...

Wow.. you're a knitting machine! Hats off to you! Nice stuff!

Jenn said...

Wow, I love your socks! I have always had trouble with binding off toe-up socks, I finally had to use a method where you sew the tops of them and that worked pretty well. If you want, I'll find the link to the web site where I saw the directions for you.

Cheryl said...

looks fantastic SOCK QUEEN!!
Nice hairy legs DON!! (whistling!!)

Heather said...

Awesome socks!
Nice legs!
I really like that brown stripey color!!! And the purple too! You are a sock queen, I ditto Cheryl!

Yvonne said...

awesome socks!