Saturday, June 17


My husband is home! I am so happy! I picked him up about 6:15 last night. We are all so glad to have him home again. He had to leave today for a few hours, but will be back later. Not much else going on. My daughter is going to a sleepover/campout later today. My son and I will be going to dinner with my husband. I have been knitting. I am still working on finishing my Hedera socks and I am also knitting my Sonata tank. I like how it is turning out so far. Yesterday bought some new legos! This set is totally awesome. It is for the whole family. We have not opened it yet. My husband got the new Batcave set as an early Father's Day gift. He has already built some of it. My hubby told me last night that he tried to find something nice for me while he was away because he wanted to bring me something, but just could not find what he was looking for. I told him "that's ok you bought me some really nice sock yarn while you were away!". Lucky for me he laughed and did not say "sock yarn? you need sock yarn like you need holes in your head!". Well that is all for today. I must go eat my MRE pound cake I found in the kitchen. Mmmmm lemon.

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aloicious said...

I'm glad he is home...I know you really missed him...We ALL need more sock yarn like a hole in the head...Talk to you soon...Have a great weekend with your family!