Wednesday, June 7

Nothing to see here

Nope no pictures today. I have been busy. Busy means I get tired, so no pictures. Maybe tomorrow. Busy with what you may ask (or maybe not but I'll tell anyway). Well Monday I decided to mow the grass. The lawnmower did not want to cooperate. Meaning I about put my shoulder out trying to start the darn thing. I made my son help. No good. He tried to tell me "Mom I don't think it's gonna start". At this point I was mad (livid). I told him oh its gonna start if it kills us. I think he was scared. Anyway I just want you to know that if you kick the lawnmower repeatedly and swear at it, it will start. I guess you just have to show the mower who is boss (and the neighborhood what a whacko crazy lady I am). So after that things went much smoother. I got the lawn mowed and weedeated. Looks very nice. My son helped by carrying things and moving things. Yesterday I had a brilliant idea (note this does not mean smart and well thought out). I decided to put in a little 5X5 approx. brick patio out back of my house. My husband and I had talked about doing this and I thought what the heck the kids and I can do this. Ha! Well it is almost done and I guess it is ok. It looks interesting which means it is not level. Sigh Oh well it is done. I just have to go out and smooth out the sand between the bricks. I ended up doing most of the digging myself because my children are wimps! In their defense, they did do all the carrying of the blocks and bricks. I will take pics soon. Also yesterday I bought a new shelf for my craft stuff. It is a 6 foot tall shelf. I nearly had to throw it out the window cause it was not putting itsself together right. But alas it is finished too. The final project I completed yesterday was putting up a towel rack in my bathroom. We did not have one and it was driving me crazy. Now we have one and it matches! Why do all this stuff while the husband is away you ask? Because his ideas and mine differ, and if he is not here to argue with me things get done quicker. LOL. Ok on to the knitting part. Not much going on. I have been working on my hubbys socks and they are getting close to finished. Now I must go and make my list of more brilliant ideas to complete this week. Someone stop me.

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