Sunday, June 4

Rainy Dreary Sunday

Yuck! It is raining out again. I just don't like the rain. Especially when I am already feeling blue. Plus it is cold outside. I don't think I am ever happy with the temp. Either too hot or too cold. Blah maybe it is cause I am in a pissy mood today. Lucy commented in my last post that it is nice to see that someone misses their husband when he is gone. Oh my I miss him sooooo much. It is only two weeks I keep telling myself, but it ain't helping. I hate to be without him. And it is not that I need him, I just well it is hard to explain. I have lived on my own with my two kids before I met him, so I am not helpless I can survive. Aarrgghh Ok sorry rambling on in my misery.

In other news today was a bummer because the kids and I had to take a road trip. My MIL forgot something at our house last weekend and so I took it to her today. I visited with her briefly (about 20 minutes) and also visited my SIL for about a half hour. I just was not in the visiting kinda mood today. I swear the kids and I spent more time at the mall than anything else. I did some window shopping. We ate lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Yummy I love love love the sweet tea and barbeque chicken. Then I bought the children a huge box (400 cards) of Pokemon Cards. Sigh some of you parents might know what they are. For those who don't it is a card game thingie. I try not to understand too much. It involves battling and trading. The kids were pleased as punch about the cards. On the way home they did not even fight over who would sit up front in the car with me. They both sat in back so they could trade their new cards. The cool thing is the box of cards was only $15 which is very good.

On the subject of kids, I was comtemplating the legal ramifications of selling them yesterday. Haha not really but boy they sure can test you sometimes. My son is 13 and my daughter will be 12 in a week, and let me tell ya teens are a pain in the ass some times. Especially when they have guests over. Flirting with the girls next door, talking to the girls out the window, and then calling said girls when mom flips out about people having conversations through the bedroom window at 9:00 at night. Sigh it keeps me busy I guess. Besides I love them and would not trade them for the world. Ok maybe for a few hours.

Wow long post. Since this is supposed to be a knitting blog, here is the knitting news. Yesterday I knit a purse to be felted. The whole thing! I used a skein of cascade 220 and just knit and knit and knit. I am now added a duplicate stitch design before I felt. I hope to have it finished to take to knitting on Wednesday night. I have knit myself silly with the baby blanket. It is so cute and soft, but starting to wear thin on my knitting nerves. I think tonight I will work on my hubbys socks. So many projects not enough time.

Well if you are still reading this, thanks for sticking around and listening to me rant. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I will have some progress pics to show. C-ya later gater!


Lucy said...

Hey...I know what you are talking about. I'm sure I could survive...I did indirectly when I was married to my ex (and I couldn't wait till he went to work) With my guy now...well, he's my best friend...that says it all!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me teens are bad, my daughter is only 2 and she's a monster when she wants to be! I don't think I could handle a teenager! And don't worrie, hubby will be home sooner than you think.Whats that old saying... Abstance makes the heart grow fonder...Just think when he gets back!!! Well... Happy Knitting

Your "other" SP

Heather said...

Rant away! It's good to get it out! You could rent them out as house cleaning fairies... split the proceeds with them...

Barbara said...

Oh my. Sounds like you had a not-so-fun weekend. Those teen years are trying times, but hang in there. If they are unhappy with you, you're probably taking a firm line with them and yes, it is necessary to do so. I was amazed at the difference when my children came home after a semester in college. It was though we could be friends again. I hope the time passes quickly and your husband will be home again.

Cheryl said...

I have NEVER been on my own, so I wonder ----
I FINALLY FINISHED the baby blanket!! Then I promptly left it at my brother's house. I am telling you my head needs reattached.
I am glad to hear you are coming to knitting wednesday night. I hope me and Brian can come up one day too!