Saturday, June 3


Got up at 5:00 this morning. I hate to get up early especially on a weekend. Why get up then? I had to take my husband and drop him off. He will be gone for two weeks. Not really that long, but long enough. I will miss him tons. Nothing much else going on here. I have been knitting like crazy on the baby blanket. I love it. It is going to be so soft and comfortable. I will have enough yarn to make a matching hat and maybe booties. I may even have enough yarn to make me a pair of cushy ankle house socks. I wear socks almost every day because my feet are always cold. Even when the temp it high my feet are cold. I am so glad I learned to knit socks. I guess as a mom I am doing a great job cause both my kids are unhappy with me. Hehe. I signed them up for summer school. M-F 9-12. Not to much school. Well guess I am gonna go cause I am rambling. Later.


Cheryl said...

you mean mother you. HAHAHA!! so when does summer school start???

Lucy said...

It's nice to hear that someone will actually MISS their hubby. Good for you!