Friday, July 7

Photo Friday

Yep it's Friday again. Time flies when there is a Holiday in the week. It's ZYX along and todays letter is "B". "B" is for bunny! While we were on vacation in Harrisburgh we saw lots of bunnies. Here are just a few pics:

Vaca in Harrisburgh 037

Vaca in Harrisburgh 014

Vaca in Harrisburgh 007

As far as knitting progress I have been working on my convertible shawl and that is it. I am also working on a secret crochet project, but it is not going so well. I can only do about 12-15 stitches cause my left hand keeps cramping up. Only when I crochet. Last night I read my Knitting Vintage Socks book and can not wait to start on some. Alas I have some other projects to finish first.

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