Tuesday, August 1

Feeling hot hot hot

Gah! Will the heat never end? We don't have a/c, so unless you sit very still or have a fan directly on you the heat will get you here. I have been knitting, cause I can't just sit still. I have the fan on me so it is not sooo bad. The baby blanket is almost half way done. It is 14" and I am making it a total of 30"x30". Plus I am going to make a stuffed animal wearing pjs made to match the blanket. Yesterday I started the second sock for my mom. We were at Idlewild trying to beat the heat. It did not work I got burned. I look like I have a once piece white suit on. Very stupid looking. Other than that nothing going on. Well gotta go balance the checkbook. The fun never ends around here.


Jenn said...

WOOOOO balance the checkbook!!

Luckily, we have AC and it's a good thing because when the weather gets like this, Tom's asthma gets bad. I'm so dependent on it that I can barely go outside!

trek said...

My package came today - posting on it tomorrow - today's just too hot to think anymore.