Sunday, July 30

Look I have been knitting really!

Yes indeed finished objects here. First off is my Sanoma tank all done. Do not mind the orange shorts. I did not want to change my whole outfit for the pic.

This and That 115

The pattern is free from The yarn is sonata and Esprit . I did not understand this pattern. Maybe it was me, but I had to make a few changes. All in all I am happy with it. Now I will have to wait for a low humidity day to wear it and see how I like it.

Next up are my Fortissama Colori (sp?) socks.

This and That 114

This was a simple toe up stockinette stitch sock. I cast on 12 sts and increased up to 60. I then knit until it fit and did a short row heel (still not sure if I like the short row heel). I did a few rounds for the ankle and increase to 68 sts and made a long cuff of 2X2 rib. Nice and comfy socks.

These are my socks in progress:

This and That 113

The pair on the left will be for my mom. They are sockotta done in baby cable rib from sensational knitted socks. The pair on the right will be for my sister in law. The are Lornas Laces done in sherislace pattern I found 0n the internet.

Pandora thinks finished items are great. Her and her sister love to climb into my knitting bag. The other night Ophelia even tried to take the working ball of yarn I was using. They are becoming little thiefs now that we let them roam the couch and stand. So far they have tried to take a ball of yarn and pattern instructions. They have succeeded in stealing a small pack of peanuts, the lable off my pepsi bottle, and two bandaids. I took back the peanuts. I have no idea what they are doing with the other stuff. Hehe they are very funny to watch.

This and That 112

Oh yeah all you sock knitters out there go now to Sock Wars. Sign up it will be fun!

PS right now the main knitting project is the baby blanket.


aloicious said...

I love it, love it, love it...
Go, Donna, Go!!!!!!
That sweater tank turned out just loverly. I hope to see you soon...I miss you.

SJ said...

Wow, look at all the knitting you've been getting done! The tank is really cute, looks just perfect for this time of year.

hollyboc said...

Great FO's. You just keep pumping those socks out!!!