Friday, July 28

Once again its Friday

Where does the time go? Really? Seems like time is just slipping by way to fast. Not much going on here. Just hanging out doing housework and knitting. No pictures today. I am going to take a pic when I finish the tank. I have both armholes done now and just need to add a pattern repeat to the bottom to make it long enough. Other than that, I have signed up for Sock Wars!! Knit socks to the death. Pretty cool I think. Well have a great weekend all.

Hey check this out: Diva Knitting. If you have not been to her store, go. I just recieved my second order from her today. She is wonderful and ships very fast. Ok so here is what I got: Opal sockyarn! Surprise huh? I got the rainforest collection Ladybug. I have wanted it so much since Cheryl got me the Tiger. I love it. I also got some Opal handpainted color #19. To me it looks like summer turning to fall in the forest. Very nice. Now go check her out!!

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