Thursday, August 31

I'm Beat!

Man am I tired and beat. Today I did the yard work. First had to move everything out of the yard, then weedeat, then mow, and then rake. Plus I cleaned out my flower bed behind the shed. My poor body is sore now. But the yard looks great!! Other than that not much going on. Did not do much knitting at all yet today. Last night Betsy and I went to Cheryls to knit which was fun. Like I said before, I love to get together with friends. Last night was knitting in Monroeville, but since Cheryl did not have a babysitter we went to her house instead. I was able to leave the kids here with my hubby. That was nice.

I do have some cute (if you like rats) pictures of my pet rat Pandora. We have been letting both her and my other rat Ophelia come out of their cage and on to the couch to play in the evening. Well Pandora always climbs into my knitting bag/basket beside the couch to play. The other night she figured out how to climb down on to the floor. So we had a rat running free for a bit. She was actually pretty easy to convince to get back on the couch. I also have included a picture of my back porch and my morning glorys. Since it has been overcast all day they are still open this afternoon. Enjoy the pics!

This and That 234

Getting ready to take off!

This and That 235

Making a run for the shoes!

This and That 243

Pretty flowers!


Lucy said...

I planted morning glorys this year...I have tons of leaves but haven't caught any flowers in the morning yet.

natasha said...

morning glories started growing up the side of the uninhabited house behind us. some of the leaves are bigger than my butt. seriously. and that is not small! i would love to get some to hide my neighbor's fence.

it was so nice to meet you today, i am always up for new local friends, and i just spin and do work during the day, so if you ever want to travel out and hang out whilst your kids are at school, shoot me an email! i'll send you my phone number.

i had pet mice for the longest time. i had a longhaired siamese mouse that had kind of blonde fuzzy hair and then the dark snoot like a siamese cat and i used to take him to classes with me when i was in college. he would sit in my hair, i would put it in a bun, or he would sit on my shoulder and chirp in my ear when he was thirsty. he was such a sweet mouse. he would run around the living room and my cat at the time would just look at him. he sat on top of my cat's head and they got along swimmingly.