Friday, October 13

That time of year again...

Yesterday my family was practicing for the big day. Check it out:

This and that 254

My daughter as an evil which.

This and that 255

My son the smiley face.

This and that 256

No I did'nt really marry a vampire, these are just some very good replica vampire teeth.

So what was I doing while the above was going on? Why celebrating another fabulous Holiday:

This and that 257

SOCKTOBERFEST! Woo Hoo I finished another pair! These are the Heelless Sleeping Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. The yarn is Gloss from Knit Picks. Size 2 needles magic loop method. They are sooooo soft and comfy. Today I worked on my round robin project. There are a group of 6 of us sending projects around to be worked on. I was working in on Kate. Such a cute project. Well guess I better go knit more socks.

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Lucy said...

You needed to put a little ketchup with those teeth!!!! That would be creepy!!! Heinz Ketchup of course!