Wednesday, October 18


Yay I love Socktoberfest. Actually I don't need a special month to make socks, but it is still fun. So here are some pics for you viewing pleasure:

My project bag. Really a scrapbooking organizer from Michaels, but works totally awesome for knitting small things like socks!
This and that 258

A very cute mitten for a friend of mine. I am really liking the ruffled cuff on these.
This and that 259

A single sock for my husband (actually he will not need two socks for a bit yet). Plus a mitten for my neice who loves purple like me!
This and that 260

Finally another pair of socks that will be for me me me! I really like my first pair of Jaywalkers, so I am making another. This yarn is wonderful. It is Tesss' Hand Dyed. I got it at Maryland Sheep and Wool.
This and that 261

I have noticed looking at the lovely socks everyone has made for Socktoberfest that Jaywalkers and Pomatomus are still very popular. I have started my second Jays as you seen and I have plans to make another pair of pomatomus. Yay I love socks!

Update on my hubby. Yesterday the temporary bandage and splint were removed. Gack blah and eeww! He had the 16- 20 staples removed and got a new regular blue cast. The Doctor said it looked good. Still no walking on it for four more weeks at least and NO WORK UNTIL THEN EITHER!!!. So wish me patience spending all this quality time together. Hehe!

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