Saturday, October 21


Somedays I think my children really could be the spawn of saten. What? I know most people just say "oh she is exagerating." But seriously look at my son, there is obviously something strange.
This and that 262
Hehe this is my son all dressed up to go Trick or Treating at Hallowboo at Idlewild. Here is a photo of the making of his goblin costume:
This and that 266
So yes we went to Hallowboo today. What a lovely day in western PA! Mid to upper 50s with all the sun you could want. Idlewild is located in the Laurel Highlands, so the trees were just beautiful. Here is my daughter in her costume. Tarticus Wantabeis!
This and that 269
Oh no we did not the kids have all the fun:
This and that 280
Last but not least of the photos. Idlewild turned the fountain green for Halloween!
This and that 295
Today was a wonderful fun day to spend with the family. Plus I got a great "workout" pushing my husband in the wheelchair.
Yes there has been knitting, just no pictures of it. I have finished a mitten and a sock. Well have a great weekend all!

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hollyboc said...

I've been a bad blogger.... I'm just getting caught up. Love your photos!! Looks like a lot of fun!