Thursday, October 26

little of this little of that

That is what has been going on here. I have been knitting, just no pictures of it right now. I have been sewing:

This and that 298

This is a pic of my new pajama/lounge pants. They are flannel and comfy. I have also sewing a circular solution for my circular knitting needles, and a fabric mat on a cross stitch picture I have.

This and that 299

I have been making some paper toys I got from this site. This is a pic of my knitting table. Notice the bag"s" of chocolate! See the little coffin I made? Did you watch CSI Miami the other night? Creepy huh!

This and that 300

This is a picture of our new TV. My husband and I had to modify our entertainment center to hold the TV. That is not the interesting part though, this is:

This and that 301

We have had the TV two weeks today, and there have been legos on the TV stand since about a week ago. Everywhere there is space, we can put a lego there! See the yellow quad in the middle? That is mine. So cool. I have wanted a quad forever. This is not exactly what I had in mind, but it will do for now. Ok enough drivel.

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