Tuesday, November 7


Today was a good day. I got up with the kids, but then went back to sleep on the couch under an electric blanket. Got up and got ready to vote. I even wore my red white and blue socks!

This and that 310

Our polling place is a local restaurant, so after voting my husband and I ate lunch. Ok and filling, but nothing great. I did not "Jaywalk"today though I think I will tomorrow.

This and that 311

Tada! Another pair of socks. These are my new Jaywalkers. I love the colors. The yarn is Tesss' bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool. Wonderful yarn. Pattern is Jaywalker of course and the needle's were 2s and 1s magic loop. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. Today when we got home I did some sewing. I finished three pair of sleep/lounge pants!! I had them cut out so all I had to do was the sewing. I made a pair for me, a pair for someone secret, and a pair for my daughter.

This and that 309

These sheepy ones are for me. I wish I had got enough chickie fabric to make me a pair because they turned out really nice. Here is my daughter being a typical teen in her new lounge pants.

This and that 312

Laying on her bed talking on the phone. Aacckk they grow up so fast.
In other news, no more mouse sitings. I think we only had one and he has been taken care of. Our furbabies are doing great. Here are a couple of pics from the other night when they were out playing.

This and that 306

This and that 308

It is really strange, but as long as there is nothing sitting next to the couch such as my knitting basket the rats will not climb down onto the floor. Since the weather is turning colder, people at my house have been using blankets on the couch and the rats love love love to play hid and seek in them. They are such fun pets. Well gotta go clean up my mess. I made no-bake cookies, but they did not set up. Aarrgghh!

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Heather said...

Lovin the sheepy pants!!! And the socks! You are the sock queen and you rock!