Monday, November 13

Kinda Screwy

I decided I wanted a new look to my blog, but I did not know what I was doing so I screwed it up. Oh well I will just rebuild from here. Not much going on here. Thursday I had a nice lunch/knit together with Betsy and Cheryl. Thanks guys you kept me from losing it. Yesterday my family and I spent the day away at my sis in laws visiting with her my nieces, my nephews, and my mom in law. We had a very nice day. Just tired when we got home. Today was cleaning day. Both kids needed laundry done. My husband is finally able to go back to work. He will be going out of town tomorrow (Monday) and returning Thursday. That meant back to ironing uniforms for me. Blah. Knitting wise I've been doing a little of this and a little of that. I have three projects on the needles, and many more I want to start. Well that is all I have. Plus I am falling asleep. If you stop in leave me a comment, and let me know you were here!


Cheryl said...

looks nice!
I have been worried about you--can't wait to come up on Saturday--what should I bring??

Anonymous said...

I think it looks neat! Thank you for the jammies and the truffles, you are awesome!!! Love ya!!!