Tuesday, November 14


That is my life these past couple of days. Nothing much going on. I am knitting though. I worked 90 rows on my sons scarf today! It is the alien illusion scarf from Stitch N Bitch. I don't like the project. I don't know why. It is going pretty quickly since I enlarged the chart. Maybe the color is not to my liking. My son wanted blue with orange aliens. Yes it is that oh my looking. I have also been working on a pair of socks for my mom. She found a sock pattern at her local Hobby Lobby for like $0.30 and brought it to me and asked for the socks. The pattern is in Lorna's Laces. White for the fold over lace cuff and childs play for the sock. She actually chose some trekking I had in the stash for the socks. She just wanted them all one color. I am really loving the cuff on the socks. So pretty. I would show you pics, but my hubby has the camera and he is out of town. I am also working on socks for me. I forget what the yarn is, but I bought it at Maryland Sheep and Wool. The color is awesome. Shades of green with blues in it. I am making the socks toe up in a 2X2 rib. That way I can make increases to fit my fat legs and use all the yarn.

So what excitement have I been up too now that the husband is back to work and away for the first time in over a month? Not much. Yesterday I went shopping at Wal-Mart. All by myself. No bratty kids and no husband in the motor cart to keep me from looking around. I bought a few clothing items and some groceries. Oh yeah and tabloid magazines my husband says I waste money on. Last night the kids and I had hot dogs and mac n cheese for dinner. We only ever have hot dogs when my husband is away. He HATES them. Can't even stand the smell. Also last night was open house for my daughter. She is in 6th grade. I went and met all of her teachers. Everything is ok, no concerns. I did find out my daughter has a mega crush on her one teacher. He is in his early 20s and married. I wanted to laugh so hard at her when we went to meet him, but I remember I was her age once. On the way home from open house last night my kids both were pretending to be voice navagation systems in the car. They were speaking in momotone and saying stuff like "right turn 50 feet". Then laughing hysterically of course. My son said he could not wait till he could drive. He wants to get a voice nav system and annoy his passengers with it. Sigh kids what can ya do?

Sorry this is so boring, but alas that is my life.

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