Wednesday, December 13

I really was

Seriously I was going to make a good post today with pictures and everything. My husband took the camera with him though. So no pictures today. Not really a lot going on any way. Friday I went to the doctor and came home with 6 prescriptions! Sigh I really wish they could figure out what the heck is wrong and how to make it better. Also on Friday my kids were to go to their dads for the weekend. I was going to take them. I know traffic is always crazy, so I decided to get my daughter out of school a little early and by the time I got home with her my son would be home and we could be on our way by 3:30. Hah! We did not leave until 5:00. This was due to the fact that the latch on the bathroom door broke while my son was in there. So he was stuck in the bathroom for an hour before we could figure out how to open the door with out breaking it down. Crazy huh? Saturday I got to eat lunch with some really wonderful men and women. It was my husband's National Guard Christmas party. It was very nice. Sunday Betsy came over and we sewed and knitted and had lots of fun. Monday I knitted, and wrapped gifts, and did laundry, and other "fun" household stuff. Yesterday I had to take my son to the doctor. He has Bronchitis and so he is home with me again today. Today I must finish my last holiday gift. It is a felted squirrel from Fiber Trends. He is almost ready to felt. I just have to be quick because he needs to be in the box of gifts that is headed to GA! Other than that just knitting on my socks from the last post still. Well have a good Wednesday.

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