Thursday, December 7


I'm still here if anyone still reads this. I have just been experiencing another knitting life changing moment. I have had three. The first was learning to use dpns to make a sock. I have wanted to make socks forever. Even before I knew how to knit. I was a crocheter, and I tried to make a crochet sock. I had not discovered yarn shops yet. My first sock was crocheted out of red heart worsted weight. Oh yeah It was hideous. I then learned to knit. I thought I should really knit a sock. Well not knowing much, I tried using the old alumiun dpns. Uh can you say slippy? I got so frustrated with stitches falling everywhere that I gave up. Then I discovered yarn shops and bamboo dpns. Ah loved bamboo. It held on to the yarn and let me knit a sock. I was smitten. I loved to make socks. Then came the second knitting life changing moment. My friend Yvonne showed me magic loop! Oh joy and rapture. I loved making socks even more. By now I was addicted to addis because they were slippy and let me knit quick. But then I grew to hate my addis because they tarnished. My yarn sticks and won't go and aarrgghh. Then knit picks saved me with their new circs. Aahh love them. So pointy and shiny and slippy. I thought making socks can be no better. Then the other day I had the third moment. I sat and read the tutorial prepared by Kenny, and now...... TWO SOCKS AT ONE TIME MAGIC LOOP! Yes I may seem crazy, but I am in love, lust, whatever. How cool. You knit you finish and there are two socks done and ready to wear. Love you magic loop and now even more with the two at a time socks. Now I can really be the sock queen my friends claim I am. Want to see the socks I have been working on?

Sami 019

Some of the prettiest socks ever. They are snowflake lace pattern. So wintery, but yet really more for spring because they are so lacey. The yarn is Regia plus cotton. Lovely yarn. Can not wait to finish these.

Sami 018

These will be plain stockinette stitch socks. Very warm and comfy. The yarn I got on vacation in California. I think it is called Lanette superwash. Very nice. And finally a picture of a finished object.

Sami 020

Convertible all done and blocked. Very long time to finish this. I started in May! It is not as long as the pattern calls for because I used a different yarn. I am happy with the finished size though. The yarn is Morehouse Merino. So now of course I want to cast on for another lace shawl. Really I don't know why. I don't think shawls will look good on me, but they are so pretty. My New Year's resolution involves a lace shawl. It will be very difficult, but well worth it. I told my husband it will be so nice I will hang it on the wall for all to see. Well I guess that is all for now. I must go knit more socks. Oh I am so helplessly addicted. Please help. Send yarn. Sock yarn.


jillz said...

Donna! The lacy socks are so pretty and so is your shawl :)

Heather said...

Nice socks!!!
You ARE the sock queen!

Heather said...

just have to tell you... my "code" to input last post ended in MAS and I thought of you and Christmas :-)

KeanaLee said...

I think that I need me some snowflake socks, they are gorgeous. Nice work. I hope all is well with you.

hollyboc said...

Wow... I just got caught up! You are knitting some beautiful stuff!
Now I want to knit Convertible.