Thursday, December 28

I survived Christmas!

No it was not bad at all. In fact it was great! I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. We spent Saturday with my husbands family exchanging gifts which was a lot of fun. We had a buffet style lunch and then did the exchange. My niece got a Barbie with a pooping dog from us! Haha we did not notice when we bought it that the dog pooped. Everyone thought that was pretty funny. My daughter got quite a bit of make-up and bath products. Oh yay just what a 12 year old wanna be pop tart needs. Sigh gonna have to do a face check on her before she leave the house now. I got an awesome gift from my sis in law. A smores maker/dessert maker kit. I can't wait to try it out (New Years Eve). She thought I would like it, and said she thought it might be nice to have when I go to my knit get togethers. Very thoughtful. Sunday my husband I just hung out at the house all day. My kids father came down, took them to dinner, and exchanged gifts with them. They were very happy and so was I because sometimes things with their father is not what I would like it to be. My son got a huge (way freakin huge) nerf gun. It was taken away within an hour because he would not quit shooting the missile in the house. My daughter got a CD player and CDs. Very good.

Christmas Day was great. We spent it here just the four of us. The kids got MP3 players as their "big" gift. They loooooooooove them!!!!! I am so glad we got them for them. They were happy with all of their gifts. My husband got lots of Legos. Big surprise huh? I also bought him a set of T-Fal cookware. Perfect gift for him. He loves to cook and is an awesome cook. He used the cookware to make breakfast and dinner that day! I got fabulous gifts. From my husband, money for the Socks that Rock club, a watch, and a freshwater pearl set. Bracelet, necklace and earrings. He is that wonderful. My mom and dad gave me money which I used to by the Knit Picks Options needle set. My daughter got me a purple sweater, and my son got me a ball of Noro. Sigh what thoughtful gifts.

The knit pics needles: AWESOME! I love them. The case is not so great, but the needles and cables I love. I have used them the past three days. The Noro became a cravat from this pattern. Ok I have blabbed enough. I will leave you with a few pics.

This and that 348

Another squirrel I made this week and a felted mouse which will be filled with fluff and cat nip to go to my moms cats.

This and that 349

My son holding the cravat I made with the Noro he got me.

This and that 350

Progress on my son's socks. The only other project I have worked on this week. No progress on the pirate mitts or Adamas. I must get busy though because I have a New Years resolution project to start. Woo Hoo. Have a Happy New Year everyone. I must get busy because tomorrow we are leaving for an overnight trip to my father in law and wife's house. That is where the new squirrel is going to live!

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