Thursday, December 21

Updates Woo Hoo!

I have some pics to update the blog. Really I have just been taking care of stuff here at home getting ready for Christmas. I think I only have two more presents to wrap. After I sew them that is! That is the mission for today. So here we go on update pics:

This and that 344

The fingerless mittens I am working on for my daughter. This is the second project I have done stranded knitting, and I think it is coming out OK. The pattern is a combo of 3 or 4 that I put together. The yarn is knit picks Palette. Needles are knit picks classic circs size 0.

This and that 343

These are the socks I am making for my son. Garter stitch rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. Size 1 knit picks classic circs. Yarn is Opal Krocodile.

This and that 342

I've started my Adamas shawl, and this is the progress so far. I am really enjoying this pattern and can not wait to finish it. The yarn is knit picks shadow I believe and the needles are bryspun size 4. I "hope" to have this finished by the new year, but we will see.

This and that 340

I just made this sock this morning while keeping and eye on the kids as they got ready for school. I got the sock blocker key chain from Cheryl as a Christmas gift. It is so cool!

This and that 341

This was my Christmas gift from Jenn. She and I had one another in a gift exchange. Last night I traveled to her knit night in Fox Chapel to exchange gifts with her. I had a nice time. I met other bloggers and knitters. The only ones I can remember to link to are SJ Jen and Amanda. I have an awful time remembering names. This is an awesome gift Jenn! I have been talking about getting this forever. Now I don't! I looked through it already and found some patterns I will definitely try.

Well I believe I will go take a nap now. Sigh I slept in way late yesterday and the day before. Today I got up at 6 to keep an eye on the pod people aka my kids. My meds I take in the am make me very tired it seems. So I'll have a nap and get sewing. Hope ya all have a great day!


SJ said...

It was great to finally meet you in person last night! I am loving the pirate gloves, and your Adamas is looking great already. I found mine to be pretty fast work once I learned/got familiar with the pattern, but by the end the rows get loooong.

LaurieG said...

Hey there -- I saw this and immediately thought of you!!

trek said...

Great looking start to the mittens.