Tuesday, January 2

Are your socks rockin?

Mine are! Woo Hoo I just paid my membership fee for the 2007 Rockin Sock Club. I am so excited. Also I am knitting some socks that rock right now. See:

This and that 353

This is socks that rock medium weight in Neptunite. I started knitting them last night, but they were too big and had to be frogged. Now I have 56 st per sock and am going to try and find a pattern for them.

I am also going to be knitting this*. I started by making the little bag which is the guage swatch. So far I have guage, but have to check it after blocking.

This and that 351

This and that 352

In my basket you can see the yarn for Mary Jane, and my daughters fingerless mitts. The mitts are coming along pretty good. Adamas is still the same as I have not been working on it. Gotta get in gear cause my New Years resolution is to knit more lace. I did finish the socks for my son. He likes them. Well I gotta go make dinner and do some laundry. I will leave you with a pic of what my husband has been doing.

This and that 354

* I could not find the link. It is the Mary Jane cardigan sweater from Knit Picks.


trek said...

I've got three hanks of the old putup of Neptunie and I was actually thinking of a shawl from them.

For your socks, how about a Garter Rib. SSK has the numbers for multiples of 8 and you are right on.

trek said...

Email address didn't come through.

No, last year I thought about it but hadn't knit enough socks that I thought that it was a justifiable cost. Of course, then Number Guy was saying, oh, just do it if you want to. This fall, I thought about joining again (I also started a part-time job) but the price went up so much and although I liked most of the colors from the 2006 club (in fact, I swapped sock bags for three colorways) I didn't like any of the patterns except the first one. So, all in all, I'd rather buy the hanks that I really like straight up - after I knit down the stash from the Sensational Summer of Sock Bag Swappage.

SJ said...

What's your method for getting two nicely matched yarn cakes from the one hank?

Donna said...

I have a $10 fishing line meter. It is supposed to be used for measuring fishing line as you wind it on your poll. It seems to work pretty good for yarn. First I wind the whole cake to see how many feet it is and divide by two. Then I wind again winding half. So far I have had pretty good success with it. The socks that rock came out with 545 and 550 feet.

natasha said...

hey you...i just got your package in the mail...you know, the one i attempted to send to you. i did something wrong with the addy. send me an email with your address again. i normally use paypal so i can print my shipping out and can't screw it up , but alas, i couldn't with yours, and clearly messed it up. aaargh. i went looking for your yarn in my studio before realizing it was sent. ok. so just resend your addy to my yahoo. fanx.
happy new year! i love the little bag, too cute!