Thursday, January 25

My favorite...

This here is a shout out to my daughter Sami. Sami I just want you to know you are my favorite daughter (this is the point where Sami says "but I'm your only daughter but it's ok cause you're my favorite mom) and I love you more than I could ever say. You always feel the need to be right with me (like practically stepping on me while we are shopping) and that makes me feel really good. But please please please the next time you are sick stay away from me or I will be forced to loundy exclaim "I LOVE YOU BUT GET OFF OF ME!".

In all seriousness I am going to have to avoid the sick people in my house. I feel like 10 day old horse pooh. I have this cold/flu whatever it is again. I took medicine this morning and felt like I was out of touch. Needless to say not much is getting done around here. I did finish the "ugly" sweater last night. See last year a group of my friends and I decided to have a sweater knit a long. Well we kinda fizzled after the initial this is gonna be great faze. Like I said in yesterdays post I had all but 1/2 a sleeve knit and sitting around here. I am getting together with my friends this Saturday, and I am going to wear the sweater. After I judge their reactions, I may or may not post a picture. Here is the info I have on the sweater: it is knit with two strands of Sensations Boucle in pink, the original pattern was for a tank and shrug, I have big boobs and am coving them in a double layer of puffy yarn! Even though the pattern called for a tank and a shrug, I made them into a sweater by fudging the pattern. My favorite daughter said "oh its looks nice mom". I'm still not sure if she was trying to suck up after the breathing on me and making me ill part of this week, hence the need to get reactions from my knitting friends. I am slowly working my way through a pair of socks which I hope to finish for Saturday also. And just because Sami is my favorite daughter I am going to make her a really cool sweater. Also the pattern is not in my size and I really really want to knit it! Here is a link to the sweater. The pattern is not ready quite yet so I have some time left to convince my daughter that a very technically difficult sweater does not need be knit in black even if the word goth is in the title. Ok I am off to go stare at the wall (I have darvocet for pain management) and maybe get some knitting done. Have a great day everyone!


Jenn said...

I'm just getting over something again, too, it's enough to make me want to hose down everything in the house with Lysol!

trek said...

We, too, are falling like flies here. What on earth is going around this week?!

Better soonest!