Wednesday, January 24

Sick again!

Aacckk I am getting sick again. My husband was sick last week, my daughter stayed home Monday sick, and my son is sniffling. No wonder I am getting sick again. Plus I feel as though I could have a kidney stone. The other day I organized my stash and UFOs. I decided I need to finish some stuff. I have a sweater I started last year at this time. I had the front, back, and 1 1/2 sleeves done. So I finished knitting yesterday, and now am putting it together. I think it could be the ugliest sweater ever. More on that in future posts. So thats pretty much all I have been knitting. Other than that, spending a lot of time organizing our 80 bazillion photos on the computer. I've missed PT twice this week. Once on Monday because my daughter being home and today because I had to take my pet rat to another vet. I have decided we are going to not have the surgery, but wait. We love her and want whats best for her, but her expected life span puts her at having about 6 months. The surgery is just too much money, and plus I just can't have her stitched up. She would be in pain and I would feel really bad. Some of the tumors are beniegn and just grow to a certain size. The only problem the rat would have is maybe the tumor is big and in her way. If it is cancer, then it will probably come back and she would have to have surgery again. I have decided to let her live the rest of her life as is. If she starts to have problems and look as though she is in pain I will have to make the decision to have her put to sleep. I have been so worried and upset about her. Now I am just going to love her and her sister and enjoy them until the end. Wow depressing huh? Ok well really I don't have much else to say today.

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