Friday, January 19

Messy Knitting Area, Progress, and New Purchases

Here is a pic of my knitting area. Pretty messy right now cause I have a few projects going on.

This and that 364

Nah not pills in the pill bottle, stitchmarkers. As you can see everything is just jumbled up. Here are some progress pics. First one is my moms secret socks in the Haunama Bay pattern, and the second is my Sweet Mary Jane sweater.

This and that 365

This and that 366

Last but not least my recent purchases.

This and that 367

I got scarf style the other day at Jo Anns. I used my 50% coupon on it. Very nice. I have about three patterns I really really want to do. The yarn I picked up today at Kathy's Kreations. The multicolor is a random ball from the discount table. May make some anklets for me. The green and yellow will be socks for my dad. See my dad's birthday is coming up and I had no clue what to get him. Finally I decided since he likes John Deere Tractors, I would make him John Deere socks! I have a couple ideas how I would like to design them, so stay tuned.

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Mia said...

i'm lovin that little white table thingy there.... now i must have one! *grin*

knit on.