Thursday, January 18

Blah Thursday.

Nothing much going on here. I have a headache for the second day in a row. Feel like s&*t. I am just miserable all around today. I have been knitting a bit here and there. I turned the heels on my socks and am in the gusset decreases. I have added another eight rows to the lace sweater. I have also been reading. I am on my third book of 2007. I thought I would keep track of how many books I read this year in my side bar. I am also keeping track of socks knitted and all finished objects. I did not do this last year, so I am trying this year so I have an idea of all I did in the year. I don't really have any goals just knit and enjoy it. Ok well that's all I have. Nothing much.

Oh yeah Ophelia is scheduled for surgery at the end of Feb. We are still not sure if that is what we are going to do or not. We love our little furbaby and want the best for her. It is not guaranteed she will make it through surgery (the vet has never lost a pet yet), plus even if the tumor is removed it is very likely she will grow another. Surgery may prolong her life. Right now we are just watching to see how fast this tumor is growing. We may have to make the decision to have her put to sleep. I am really sad about this whole thing. The average life of rats is two years, and fuzzheads are about 18 months right now. We will do whatever we can to make her better, while at the same time not let her suffer.

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Jenn said...

Poor Ophelia! I had no idea that vets would do surgery on small animals. I hope it's successful!