Monday, January 15

Socks so bright I have to wear shades!

Take a look at whats on the needles:

This and that 362

The purple in the back is my lace sweater I am working on. It is coming along nicely. It is only a four row pattern repeat, and two of the rows are all purl. I was even able to work on it today at the kids dentist apt. The sweater requires the use of many stitch markers. I am always getting annoyed at my plastic markers and flinging them every where. My solution is to use metal jump rings, and so far they are working awesome. The socks are in the front. The yarn is really really bright and cheerfull. I ordered the yarn from Natasha's Luxe site. So glad I did. I ordered 4 ozs, but because of an address mix-up Natasha sent me 8 ozs. There is about 1,000 yards I would guesstimate. These socks are going to be a surprise gift for my mom.

Whew am I tired today. I was out for most of the day running to apts and shopping. I had to be a pt for my shoulder this morning at 8:40 and my kids had dentist apts at 11:00. Plus we had some shopping to do. A bunch of the shopping was for our pet rats. They needed more food, bedding, litter, and disposal bags for the litter. I have some really sad news about my rats too. Saturday night just after 10:00 my husband and I had put the kids to bed and were watching a movie. The rats were out of the cage on their play table as usual. I also had their board out for them to run on. I noticed that Ophelia looked "funny". I told my husband, and he went over and checked her. He said yes she looks like she has a cyst/tumor on her chest. I immediatly started crying. We checked our rat care books and found that this is a common problem that can occur in female rats. So tomorrow I have an 11:30 apt for Ophelia. She will probably require surgery. I am really worried and scared. So please all you animal lovers say a little prayer for her k? In the following picture Ophelia is the one holding my hand and the other is Pandora. They are having a cheerio snack.

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natasha said...

i have knitted up some of the sportweight that i dyed and it was really nice to work with, what did you think of yours? and it is a bit more than 1000 yards. i know you said you were making something as a gift, i figured you could then have enough for some for yourself, too.

i had pet mice, and one mouse in particular that i took to classes with me when i was in college, he sat in my hair all clipped up or on my shoulder or front jacket pocket and was just so sweet. he was a siamese mouse so he had fluffy blonde hair. cecil. such a sweet boy.