Friday, January 5

Still rockin the sockies.........

even though I feel like poop. I am not feeling better much to my disappointment. I had really hoped today would be better, but it is actually worse. I now have a lovely fever and the shakes. I was napping for a while and now I am computeratin cause I am bored. Here is a couple of pics I did take. The first one is my rockin sockies. Oh I love these. In the background you will see my sick blankies. They are warm and fleecie and a must have for when I am sick. The second picture is as close as I'll get to flashin my sock stash this week. I just don't have the energy for it. For goodness sake half my house is decorated for Christmas still and half is not. I have had no energy to take stuff down.

This and that 355

This and that 356

I did paint my nails this morning before the shakes hit me. It makes me smile every time I look at them. Amazing what happiness comes from such a small thing. I have to try and rest up this afternoon. My kids are going to their dads this weekend and my husband and I are supposed to go out to dinner. Thank goodness the kids dad is picking them up. It is a 180 mile round trip. Uugghh. Oh yeah in my last post Jenn said I should eat lots of ice cream. I'm on it. Yesterday I had two servings and probably will today. It really does make my throat feel better not to mention my belly. Well have a great weekend ya all.

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trek said...

Ice cream good.
Shakes bad.