Tuesday, March 20

Rockin the socks........

just not rockin the cables. I have been working on my Rockin Sock Club socks. I finished the short row heel and began the cuff which is a 2X1 rib with a 5/1/5 cable. Uugghh I did not like the cable. To me it was too bulky, I could not knit it loose enough, and I kept dropping stitches. So I frogged back and I am just going with a 2X1 rib. I will knit until the yarn is almost gone then add an increase round and knit a few more rounds to form a small ruffle and wear the socks with the cuff turned down. Besides the cable issues, I really like these socks. Very comfy and squishy. I also found the downside to knitting two socks at once from one ball/cake. When you frog about 12 rounds, where do you put the yarn you pulled from the inside? I just sora wound it up on the cake. Wanna see the mess and the socks:

Donna craft personal photos 074
Donna craft personal photos 076
Donna craft personal photos 075

See the flame fabric in the pics? Those are my new sleep/lounge pants. I don't like to wear long pants in bed, but when I am hanging out at the house with no where to go I love to wear them. I made the flame pair last week. I also made a new pair of sleep pants for my husband. His are brown. Not nearly as bright and loud as mine. I love to make sleep pants because they are so easy and comfy. Everyone here in my house has a couple of pairs at least. My niece saw mine over the weekend and loved them. Guess I will be looking for a pattern for her size and making some for her.

We had a wonderful awesome weekend. My husbands brother is home on leave from Iraq and so we went to visist. We left Friday about 1 and came back home Sunday at 12. We had so much fun. Friday my husband, kids, and I went with my brother and sister in law and nieces and nephew out to dinner and some shopping. Saturday they celebrated my nieces birthday. Two of my husbands other brothers, his mom, and sis in law and niece and nephews came over. So it was a nice day with all the family there together. I found a new addiction that can be dangerous. Wii! Oh wow that was the first time I ever played and it was awesome. We were taking turns playing sports. What fun. Now I would like to get a Wii for here. I don't think that will ever happen but I could hope. Saturday night we went bowling. So Sunday my arm felt like it was going to fall off, but still it was an awesome time. At least I had an awesome time. I love family get togethers like that.

So the past few days have been filled with sewing, knitting, and hanging with the family. Today is shopping. I am on a quest to find a sheet set for my picky daughter. Then I will have to make her some curtains and a net/tulle hanging thing for over her bed. She picked bright green. I think I may go blind before I'm done. Plus I am going to the yarn store. I have to go because they called to let me know they have new sock yarns in. May I be strong enough to not go crazy buying. So until next time.

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