Friday, May 11

Done, Done again!

Woo hoo I am just whipping out the finished objects around here. This is the best benefit of being a homemaker. Yesterday's "work" consisted of taking my husbands car to the garage and dusting and vacuuming. Going to the garage is not the most exciting, but I always wait while the work is being done. Saves having to drop of the car with my husband and going back to pick it up. Yesterday was an oil change and a state inspection. Insert weird interesting fact about me here: I have a PA state inspection license! Yep, but I can not use it because I don't work in a garage. So the work was to take about an hour. Yippy an hour of knitting. Plus I finally put some music on my phone so I was listening to music and knitting. Now if they could only get some comfy chairs in there! The rest of the day was spent dusting and vacuuming. No big deal, but it is HOT. I think it jumped right into summer a bit to soon. We don't have AC which is a point of contention around here but anyway. So I would clean about 15-20 minutes and then sit and knit for 15-20 minutes. Love this work at home thing! Ok so on to the finished objects!

Donna craft personal photos 141

Simple stockinette stitch ankle socks modeled by my daughter. They are a tiny bit big for her because she has such tiny skinny legs. The yarn is Autumn House Farms sock yarn in Hattie's Zinnias colorway. They were knit two at a time magic loop on size 0 knit picks circs. Love the colors in these. Now for more socks.

Donna craft personal photos 142

More socks in Autumn House Farms yarns. This is the heavyweight sock yarn in Mountain Lilac colorway. They were knit two at a time magic loop size 2 knit picks circs. The pattern I made up. They were knit from the cuff down with a short row heel and toe in garter stitch. The sock pattern is from More Sensational Knit Socks. I continued the pattern all over the sock. These are meant to be squishy comfy house socks, and they are. Here is another pic showing the bottom of the sock and its pattering.

Donna craft personal photos 143

I don't think there will be many more quickly finished objects around here as this is my current WIP:

Donna craft personal photos 144

A lace shawl! There are 140 rows, and I have 44 done. Long way to go. Oh and remember I mentioned the heat around here at the beginning of the post? This is how you make sure your pets don't get overheated:

Donna craft personal photos 140

Buy them their very own personal fan! Yeah we really love our little fur balls!


Yvonne said...

OMG you are the sock queen!! The socks are gorgeous. I ordered some STR silkie sock yarn in Lunasea last night. What pattern is the shawl?? It looks gorgeous!!!

Heather said...

Oh my... that Hattie's Zinnias colorway is soooo awesome... I love it more and more each time I see it!

I'll ditto Yvonne... you ARE the sock queen! You and Leslie run head to head while the rest of us get lapped!