Tuesday, May 15

Just everyday kind of stuff

That is what I have been doing. Cleaning the house (dusting straightening and vacuuming), yard work, etc. The kids were at their dads for the weekend so it was pretty quiet around here. Saturday my husband and I were building some stuff to landscape the yard. Sigh! We just are not carpenters, and do not work well together. We got the things done, but it was tense a few times. After that we decided to go out to dinner and do some shopping, and that was nice. Yesterday was bargain day here. I went grocery shopping and saved $40 by using coupons and buying sale items! Plus I turned in a survey to the place where we bought the van, and for doing so we got a free tank of gas. The van has a 20 gallon tank and when I took it up there was a gallon in it! Woo Hoo almost $60 in free gas. Today I have to gas up the hubby's car. I have an 80 cent discount where we grocery shop so that will be nice. My pet rat Ophelia has a vet appointment today. She is getting her stitches removed and a check up and a lice treatment. When I took Pandora Friday the vet told me she had lice. Of course I freaked out. She said it is not transferred to humans, only between animals. We are guessing Ophelia brought it home from when she was at the vet for surgery. Speaking of surgery, Pandora goes for her surgery on the 31st. Hopefully these will be the last vet visits for a long time. Other than that this week will be spent getting family members ready for trips. My daughter has an overnight field trip for school she needs packed tonight for. Plus my husband's schedule was changed. Aarrgghh the military can make you crazy sometimes. He was supposed to leave at the end of May for a month of schooling, but now they say no school, and oh yeah you are going to AT (annual training) which means he is leaving Friday for two weeks. So I will be helping him pack and get ready to go. Just crazy.

In knitting news I am working on my shawl (Adamas pattern) shown in my last post. I am trying really hard not to start any new projects and get some finished. I have a pair of socks I really really want to start, but so far I have resisted. I did start a pair of socks that are for an online swap. They are monkey socks and so far they are going great. See:

Donna craft personal photos 145

Well not much else going on I just gotta get moving on a few errands today. Bye!


Yvonne said...

Donna, what is that sock pattern? And what is that colorway!?? They're gorgeous socks!! I love them. :) I definitely need you to teach me your grocery shopping tricks.

Anonymous said...

omg...can you say *DUH*?!! LOL I just noticed the monkey sock pattern on Knitty. LOL

Donna said...

hehe! My grocery tricks are cutting coupons and shopping where they can be doubled. Plus the grocery store has triple coupons every once in a while. Plus I hardly ever buy anything full price. I shop according to the sales. I am the bargain princess!

Stephieface said...

I hope things slow done for you to a more relaxong pace in a bit. :)

I tagged you by the way :D