Thursday, May 31

Feeling hot hot hot

It's hot. We don't have AC. I really need to get AC. The fans just are not cutting it. I have been knitting though. Wanna see?:

Donna craft personal photos 160

These would be my monkey socks for the monkey sock swap. I had some issues with my monkey socks. This is the third yarn I have used. I like them so far. I am just starting the heel flaps. The yarn is from Brooks Farms. It is a 60 wool 20 silk 20 viscose blend. Very nice but a bit splitty. As you can see I am doing two at a time magic loop on size 1 knit picks cirs. As for the clapotis, no I have not given up on the love. I just need to have the other skein of yarn wound, and have not got to it yet. Maybe tonight. My daughter and I will be the only ones home and so far our plans are to go out to dinner, color our hair, and make a new canopy for my swing. Should be a great time. My son is on a school field trip and will not be home until 11:30 or so. They are spending the day in Pittsburgh. They will be riding the incline, visiting a learning center, The Carnegie Science Center, Touring PNC Park and finally ending the night watching a Pirates game. Is it just me, or does that seem like a lot for a field trip? Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids. Woo Hoo now I can spend all day every day with them. In other news our second pet rat had her surgery today for tumor removal. She did great. She is already home and resting. I think she is a bit groggy still, but other than that looks great.

Donna craft personal photos 161


Jenn said...

Hey, we're going to the game tonight, too!

I don't know what we did before we had AC. I know we used to manage, but after a while, I get totally dependent on it, so I'm trying to get outside pretty often. What stinks is that our house is 2 stories, so it's comfortable downstairs and still pretty warm upstairs. Better than nothing, though!

Aww, she does look sort of groggy, doesn't she? Glad she's recoverign!

Cheryl said...

I REALLY like the Monkeys so pretty...I have yet to try the two socks circ thing. After 40 years of knitting it looks scary

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing Buster Poindexter in my head every time I look at this post. LOL