Wednesday, June 6

Long time no blog

I did'nt run away, I'm still here and still knitting. The past few days have just been kinda hectic and stuff. First off my pet rat Pandora had surgery last Thursday. Well Saturday she became very very sick. We took her to the vet Monday and she went again today. She has a kidney/bladder/urinary tract infection and a respiratory issue. Monday they had to give her fluids and we were to continue with antibiotics. Well she was doing better, and then yesterday she decided not to take any water or food. So back to the vet today. She got more fluids today. Plus they sent us home with the stuff so we can give her fluids at home. And we are to still give the antibiotics and benadryl. The way we have to give the fluids is by injecting liquid from an iv bag into the scruff on the back of her neck. I think I can do it. It will be easier than going to the vet every day. We just need her to not be dehydrated. She needs to flush her system. Tomorrow will be the first time I give her the fluids. I practiced on a towel at the vet today. Sigh I just hope she gets better.

Other than that, my husband is back home. YAY!!! The kids have been pretty good. I had another med change. Aarrgghh! I am sleeping better, but can not wake up well in the am. I am like a zombie and tired. Plus I have been having major pain issues. Blah. Like I said I have been knitting though. I finished my clapotis, and have the heels turned on my monkey socks. Today was yard work day. My daughter took a few pics of the garden and the morning glorys growing out back of our house. Here are those pics, plus my knitting.

Donna craft personal photos 166
Donna craft personal photos 165
Donna craft personal photos 162
Donna craft personal photos 163


SJ said...

Sorry to hear about Pandora. I hope she gets this stuff out of her system soon and gets back to her happy self!

Your Clapotis looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hope Pandora gets better soon! And I *love* the Clapotis!! GORGEOUS!!!

Heather said...

Your Clapotis is beautiful!

Hope Pandora starts feeling better!!!

Lucy said...

Hope Pandora is doing well...give us the update soon!