Thursday, June 14

Here I am!

Nope I did'nt run away or get lost. We have just had a very very hectic past few days and week. Today is the first day things are back to "normal". In my last post I talked about our pet rat Pandora and how sick she was. On Sunday my husband and I had just about given up on her. She would not eat, drink, take meds, or anything. We were at a loss as to what to do. She had been kept in a smaller cage by herself away from her sister because she was so sick. Well we finally decided to just put her in with her sister to see if that would help. All day Sunday no progress. She just acted all goofy. Her sister kept holding her down and grooming her as she was not taking care of her self. We had to go away Monday overnight. When we came home Tuesday evening, she was looking much better, and she was eating and drinking! We are so happy. And today she started to drink from the water bottle in the cage. Tuesday and Wednesday she was only drinking water from a saucer. She is still very very weak. We are continueing her meds and feeding her baby food. We are just so happy for her health returning. We think putting her back with her sister was a good idea. It seems her sister was helping take care of her by grooming her lots and lots.

Like I said we went away Monday and returned Tuesday evening. We took an overnight trip to see some big water:


Yep we took the kids for their first visit to Niagra Falls. They liked it. We walked over and saw the horseshoe falls and the bridal veil falls over on Goat island. Then we checked out some shops in the area. We went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. Took the kids swimming at the hotel. Walked down to the American falls at night to see them all lit up. On Tuesday we went to breakfast and checked out of the hotel. Next we went and got in line to ride Maid of the Mist. I think the kids really enjoyed that. We then walked around taking more pics, visited a few more shops and then headed home. Very nice little overnight trip!

You would think that yesterday (Wednesday) would have been a nice day to relax from the long driving of the days previous. Nope yesterday we did this:


We celebrated my babies 13th birthday! Yikes that makes me old! It was not too bad. Just a bit of running around in the am to get supplies and stuff. My daughter invited 4 friends over. Only 3 came, but one has two sisters, so we had 6 giggly girls here for about 3 hours. Now you can see why I am just getting back to normal today. Plus Tuesday after the trip home my body decided to give up. Everything was swollen. My feet and ankles were huge! Plus my back just decided I was to remain in an upright postion. I took a shower, and had to have my husband dry my legs and feet because I just could not reach them. I am feeling much better today.

And yes there has been knitting here. First off finished monkeys and second tofutsies growing more each day.

Donna craft personal photos 167
Donna craft personal photos 169

The monkeys are for my monkey pal sock swap. I just have one more small item to sew for her and I can get the package in the mail.

The tofutsies are growing from the toe up with a gusset and heel flap. This is a new to me heel so I am anxious to see how it turns out.

Last but not least a picture of some shopping I did on Saturday. We had a crazy shopping day which means we get a little crazy spending a lot of money. Usually we have crazy lego days. This time everyone got some stuff. (Oh by the way big THANKS to my husband who works so hard that we can have crazy shopping days once in a while!). My husband got some legos of course. He opened one on Saturday, but is saving the others for Fathers Day as they are his gifts. My son got a new Bionacle (lego), my daughter got a new (horribly ugly) Bratz doll, and this is what I got:

Donna craft personal photos 168

At Knit Wits I bought a skein of linen yarn not shown in the pic and two balls of Wick by Knit one Crochet Too. I really want to try some socks with the wick, but it is heavier weight than I normally use for socks. It may be some sport or hiking socks. Not that I hike! Lastly we stopped at a Antiques store and I found the stitch markers and the buttons. The stitch markers were never opened and the price marked is $0.29. The buttons came from Kaufmans in downtown Pittsbugh. I have no idea the price or how old they could be. They were just pretty so I bought them. Well that is enough for today. I have a few things to do to get back on schedule. Later!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back! Happy bday Sami! Hope you guys had a great time!!

Lucy said...

Ya know, I've never been to the Falls....hopefully some year I'll make it up there!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Sami!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad Pandora's getting better! Ophelia just licked her well :-)

Great socks and Falls pictures!

Neat buttons, too!

And lastly, but not leastly... hope you get feeling all back to rights!