Monday, June 18

I feel so behind.

I really feel like I am behind on everything. It seems like time just keeps flying by along with deadlines I made for some stuff around here. Nothing important, just annoying. Like my blog. I feel like I have not posted in forever. So anyway today a long post with lots of pictures if blogger will allow!

Donna craft personal photos 171

This is Pandora in the kitchen sink. We were trying to get her to soak her tail because it became very dry and icky while she has been sick. Poor Pandora, this weekend we noticed that she had a lump on her face between her eyes, and also looked like she bit her lip. We decided to take her to the vet today just for a check up and to see what was up with the lump. First the vet weighed her and she lost a lot of weight. She is really just skin and bones. We have been feeding her baby food because she could not seem to eat. Well the vet said the lump was probably a sinus infection. She took a quick peak at her teeth and said they were a little long and crooked from not eating. Rats teeth grow really really fast. The vet said she would have to clip the teeth. Yep clip them! The vet wrapped Pandora in a towel and held her under one arm while clipping Pandora's teeth. That was when the vet saw the real reason for the lump and the not eating and stuff. Pandora has an abscessed tooth! Eeewww poor baby was probably hurting. We now have a new antibiotic to give her. Thing is the vet said this will take weeks to heal! So for now new meds and canned doggie food to eat. Poor poor baby. At least she likes eating dog food!

Donna craft personal photos 173

New sockies for me! Made with tofutsies. Size 1 magic loop two at a time toe up. Baby cable rib from SKS. I do not like toe up for one reason. I can not get a good cast off that is stretchy! Aarrgghh. Anyway so how do I like the tofutsies?

Donna craft personal photos 174

What's that I see in the living room stash basket (not the many other stash holders!)? Yeah two more balls of tofutsies! One for my daughter and one for me. I really liked this yarn. And if I continue to make anklets, I will have enough for maybe 5-6 pairs from 3 balls!

Donna craft personal photos 175

One of my current WIP. Fingerless mittens promised to some one long ago. Sorry they are so late. :( I also have a pair of Socks that Rock socks on the needles for my hubby. He deserves the socks. You will understand why later in the post.

Donna craft personal photos 176

Yay! I received my round robin project*! It is a nautie (Picture taking with movie I borrowed from my sis in law for scale of size). Plus I received the parts of Mr. Dangly to work on. So now I have to finish Kate! Cheryl we should get together later this week so I can give you Kate and Mr. Dangly! Thanks everyone (Stick, Cheryl, Heather, Yvonne, and Dani) who worked on my nautie now named Neo Squidgim Nauteloid!

Donna craft personal photos 172

My husbands desk. Light to see with check. Pencil holder with pencils check. Printer to print important stuff check. Laptop to process important stuff check. Lego guys on lego horses check! Hehe I thought this was a funny picture because of the lego guys sitting on the laptop.

So what exciting things should you do on your husbands day off with the kids?

Donna craft personal photos 178
Donna craft personal photos 179
Donna craft personal photos 177

Why build weapons of course! The first two pics are of the marshmallow guns my husband made and painted for us. These were really simple. PVC pipe and fittings. A little spraypaint and your ready. Yes the do work. Really really well. There were marshmallows on the chair the window sill in the kitchen on top of the cabinets in the laundry room under the desk and everywhere.

The bottom pic is my husbands swoodle! A swim noodle sword! Ok so maybe I would not be behind if I did something other than make homemade marshmallow guns and stuff. Whew I said this was gonna be long and full of pictures!

* I could not find the links for the round robin projects. When I do I will post them in case anyone wants to make their own!


Anonymous said...

hey! I want a marshmallow gun!! Nautie looks awesome!! :)

=joy= said...

everything in this post is AWESOME!!! (except for poor pandora! poor little thing *sad*)

if you can tell, i got your package!!! thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much donna! you are such a great swap pal. i love EVERYTHING, especially the foam monkey your daughter made me. not to mention the awesome brooks farms acero socks. i walked around my apartment with them for a good hour. ^_^ i haven't been able to post, but you'll see pictures soon. i'm going to try to catch up with your blog now. *hugs* thanks so much again!

Heather said...

Love the marshmallow guns!

Poor rat babies... hope their health improves!!!

Nautie looks great! I must get on with my parts to the projects in my possession... How many months ago were we all to finish those??? :-)