Sunday, June 24

Current WIP and a new family member

Ok I will start with the new family member first cause some of you may be thinking? What? Did we miss something? Nope. I belong to a freecycle group, and someone was looking for a good home for their pet rat. This lady had become pregnant and was going to school. She said she just did not have time to spend with her rat like before. So I emailed and called, and now her pet rat Nala is here living with us! She is a beautiful rat see:

Donna craft personal photos 004

She is an albino hence the pink eyes. Her fur is very soft and silky. She is still quite nervous around us. She just arrived Friday night. She is finally letting me pet her a bit and is taking treats. Her biggest upset is her cage. She came in an aquarium. She had a glass water bottle that kept leaking into her bedding. Plus she likes to chew plastic which is why she had the glass bottle. Well I moved her into a cage and hooked up a plastic water bottle on the outside so only the spout is in the cage. She is drinking water and now not getting it all through the cage. I used some of her bedding and ours combined for the cage floor. Plus I put her "fishbowl" in the cage for her. She has a clear bowl that looks like a fishbowl. She likes to get in there and sleep. She is just the sweetest little rat. Our rats were very interested in her in fact so interested I had to move Nala's cage away from theirs so they would leave her alone. I let them have together time last night, and Ophelia our bigger rat was trying to show that she was the boss and was trying to intimidate Nala. So they are apart from one another. I will give them a bit of time each day together to see if they can get along and live together. If not, Nala can stay in her cage while Pandora and Ophelia stay in theirs.

Ok I know knitting blog where are the knitting pics right? Here they are:

Donna craft personal photos 003
Donna craft personal photos 002
Donna craft personal photos 001

From the top, the round robin projects I have to work on today, my daughter's socks, and my husband's socks. So yes I have been knitting. It is nice a quiet around here. My kids went to stay with their dad (my ex) for the weekend. They left yesterday and will be home tomorrow night. My husband has drill this weekend, so he is away during the day. He should be home around 5-6 today. I am hoping he feels like going to dinner. Yesterday he was very tired so we hung out at home. Funny cause while the kids were gone we played the Wii and watched cartoons. Really wild and crazy huh? Well the washer and dryer stopped, I gotta go do laundry. Check out the post before this one to see the awesome stuff my monkey pal sent me. I wrote the post on Friday, but for some reason it did not get published until today. Gnomes!


SJ said...

Love the blue socks and how the color is changing!

cheryl :) said...

I love the blue yarn too! What is it??
Nala looks like she is a bit scared. I hope that she warms up to you. It is hard to introduce a new one into the group.
I love the pattern on those green socks too... are really the sock queen!!!

Heather said...

I ditto the blue socks comment! I love the subtle change in the shading!!!

I hope all the rats become pals! Ophelia is just making sure Nala is aware that "This was my house first, chicky!" :-) (Rats and Cats think alike... Slim tried that with LuLu but she has since informed him that she really doesn't respect his authority)

Heather said...

How is Nala doing???
How are Pandora and Ophelia doing?????
How are YOU doing???????

Cheryl :) said...

Hope you are feeling better! Missed you the other day! I hope the big new mouse is settling in with the clan.