Monday, July 9


Yesterday was the stitch-n-pitch game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh PA home of the Pirates. Some words to sum up the day: humid hot, sweaty, fun, loud, freebies, yarn, needles, expensive food and drink. I went to the park with my husband, my kids, and three knitting friends, Heather, Betsy, and Cheryl. We had fun, but man oh man was it hot! Are seats were great seats, close to the field, but we ended up moving up to get some shade. There was a huge difference in temps. A lot of people were moving up to the shade. I am happy to report the Pirates won the game! Woo Hoo! We all got freebie bags for attending the event. The bags had needles, yarn, guage markers, patterns, and a book. After getting home I bargained with my daughter and we split up all the yarn we brought home. My son kept a few of the items, and my husband kept none. So here ya go, some pics of the day taken by my husband.

baseball 011

Free Smiley Cookies from Eat-n-Park! Look it's a pirate! I love smiley cookies.

baseball 023

Cheryl trying to stay cool before we went in the park.

baseball 002

The view of PNC Park as you walk over the bridge to get there.

baseball 035

J, SJ, Jenn, and MWP were at the game.

baseball 053

Me and the kids watching the game. Niether my daughter nor I knew our picture was being taken. I find it weird funny scary that her and I have almost the same strange look on our faces. People claim she is my clone. Hmmmm?

baseball 057

Me being silly behind Betsy and Heather!

baseball 052
baseball 037

Couple pics of the game.

And now some knitting picks!

baseball 066
baseball 068

Its all about the socks. The top pic is my husbands finished socks. They were made with Socks That Rock lightweight colorway "in the navy". The were knit two at a time magic loop. The pattern is from More Sensational Knitted Socks.
The next pic is all the socks in progress. The green are Embossed Leaves for my daughter out of Tofutsies, the bright pink/red are mine out of Jitterbug, and finally a pair for my dad out of Wildfiber. I really like to knit socks. Sometimes I do knit other stuff though see:

baseball 067

This is the Mr Dangly I made to take to my nephew. I loved this pattern. So cute! Ok pretty long post for now. Tomorrow if I feel like it, I will blog about my rat Pandora's vet visit today and progress on the socks.


SJ said...

I'm so glad you got a picture of me before I melted!

Jenn said...

I think I was in the process of melting! At least I didn't get grumpy and tired until we were on the bus on the way home.