Friday, July 13

Finished Object and Cute Ratties

Here is a picture of my daughters socks I finished. She took the picture.

The pattern is from Favorite Socks. It is the embossed leaves pattern. They were knit two at a time magic loop top down size 1 knit picks circ. The yarn is Tofutsies. I really like this yarn. It works up real nice. I have a pair I made for me and they come out of the washer really nice. They make nice cool comfy socks for summer. As for other knitting, I am just working on my Dad's socks. We will be leaving Monday morning for vacation to visit my parents. I am planning the knitting I am going to take because we will be driving. This means 12-13 hours each way! Yay lots of knitting time.

The next pictures are some cute pics of our rats. My daughter and son were playing with the rats and got them to do some really cute stuff. While we are on vacation, Nala is going to stay with Heather and be taken care of. Pandora will be traveling with us. She was at the vet on Monday and we found she has a chronic condition. The keeps getting abcesses on her face from her molars. Don't know why. It is not common in rats, just more common in cats and rabbits. Because of this condition Pandora needs to take antibiotics every morning and evening. Plus if the abcesses break open, we have stuff to treat them. She should do well even with this condition. The big thing to watch for is an abcess that makes her teeth hurt so much she does not want to eat. So the little fuzzy gets to travel with us. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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SJ said...

Love the socks! I'm glad to hear that the yarn washes well, since I'm about to finish my first TOFUtsies sock. It's very nice to knit with and I'm glad it'll hold up well when it's done!