Friday, September 7


Yikes work is fun and I sit all night answering phones and knitting or something else to keep me busy but still tiring. I really like my job. Not keen on the hours, but everything else is great. I love the evening people I work with. Other major non knitting or crafting thing is I have had all my meds changed around again. Sigh maybe this will be the mix that works. I am on Trazadone. Finally huh Martha? So far it does seem to be helping. In other med news. I was in the ER about three weeks ago for kidney stones and had to have an IV. Well the spot on my arm where they put it in just did not seem to be healing right, so they sent me yesterday to have it checked for clots. Nope none there yay! But, it might have an infection. If not taken care of, it could be bad. So now I have some crazy ass weird antiinflamatory antibiotics to take. So hopefully that will soon be healed.

Ok on to the knitting news. Remember the lizard scarf from a previous post? Umm not a scarf anymore. I was just not loving it. So now it is becoming socks. I should have them finished in a day or so. I am also still working on the lace wrap, and have started a baby sweater. I am such a sucker for baby knits. Also guess what arrived at my house today? This and this and this (jewels) to make this from this. Also one of these. I swear I will never get all of this finished. I guess I'll have to die trying! LOL later ya'll


Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about your arm, so glad it wasn't a blood clot though.

All the Knitpicks goodies are great. Victorian lace is one of my favorite lace books. Can't wait to see some or your projects!

Anonymous said...

wow! you're a busy lady. Tell Sami if she wants to come visit this weekend, it should be okay! Or she can come next weekend and go wheeling w/me.

DDancer said...

So, how is the Trazadone working for you?