Tuesday, August 28

Quick and Fast

Ok gonna make this a quick one. I am tired. Work is going well. I am finally getting the hang of things. Saturday was sad. I got my first death call. I work for an answering service. We answer for Doctors, funeral homes, handyman services, really all kinds of stuff. On Sunday I talked to Edgar Snyder! Ok ya have to be from "Picksburg" to understand I think. It was pretty cool. Nice guy. Basically I delivered a message that he was late coming in from NY. So it can get interesting. Friday evenings are super busy. So much so that you want to pull your hair out. Sat and Sun are pretty slow in the evenings. Tonight was so-so. Not busy, but not dead either. So anyway here are some pics I have taken in the past week or so.

Donna craft personal photos 018

I took this picture after my last post. It was the middle of the night and I could not sleep. While I was heating up a hot pack in the microwave, I was watching the nightlight in the kitchen. I wondered how it would look if I took a pic, and here it is. Also last week was HOT! The humidity made it just icky here. We don't have AC here. Want to know how hot it was?

Donna craft personal photos 019

It was so hot that I had to eat my "melts in your mouth not in your hands" m&ms with a spoon cause the candy shell was "sweating". If you ate them with your fingers, they left sticky candy color on you.

Donna craft personal photos 020

My work project. All knit all the time. It is a lizard scarf, or will be when it is done. I did some work on it over the weekend at work. Tonight I just read when we were not busy. Christine by Steven King if your curious. And finally a cute picture.

Donna craft personal photos 021

Pandora licking a popsicle stick. She is so funny! Poor baby had to go to the vet on Monday. She had two overgrown teeth and overgrown toenails on her hind feet. So off to the vet to get the teeth and nails clipped. I still think it is so strange to watch her get her teeth clipped. It does not hurt her, she just does not like being held all trapped in a towel. Well that is all I got for now. I need to go veg in front of the TV for a while. Later!

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Anonymous said...

glad you're liking the job! Cute pics. :)