Thursday, August 23


All you need is love so sayith the song. Hmmmm? I would settle for some sleep right about now. I am totally sick of this crappy ass sleeping issue I keep having. Can not sleep at night. When I finally do fall asleep, I can barely drag my ass out of bed in the am. In fact if I have no where to be, I find myself sleeping an extra hour or two. Well sort of. The sleep (if you can call it that) is full of extremely intensely weird dreams. They are beyond description. Some are just insane, and some very terrifying. In fact I am starting to have night terrors which involve screaming and flailing about. Oh yeah my husband loves that. Oops sorry whining again, but it's late and I am tired but can not freakin sleep!

In knitting news not much going on. I have been working on my Adamas shawl at home. For my take to work project I am working on a scarf. It is pretty funky. It will be lizards joined head to tail and is being knit with STR in the fire on the mountain colorway. I will take pics soon to post. I know this may come as a shock to some, but I have NO socks on the needles! I really want to finish Adamas is why. I do have some planned for the needles though. I am going to do a Harry Potter triple. Three patterns inspired by the Harry Potter books. Speaking of which I have lost interest about a third of the way through the last book. So I still don't know how it ends. Right now the book of choice is The 13Th Warrior aka Eaters of the Dead by Michael Criton (sp) (it's late I can't spell). I have read the book about 3-4 times already. I really like it. Yep I like the movie too. In fact I think after I finish the book again I will watch the movie. Ooops rambling.

Work. Well not much to talk about there. I am learning and I like it. Not keen on the hours, but I think this is a good job for me right now. Well guess that is enough bore for now. If ya actually made it this far leave me a comment k. I have been out of the loop and been feeling all alone.


Jen said...

Hi Donna - sending you best wishes for some real sleep and hope that you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hugs!!! I'll borrow that book when I see you next...I love the movie but didn't know there was a book

Betsy said...

I can totally relate with sleeping issues...I've been having issues of my own called's driving me nutso. I'll call you today cause i'm headed your way and I can stop and visit for a few. Miss you!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

I understand the sleep thing --mine is hormonal --have you been checked for sleep apnea? Sometimes the nightmare/terror things are caused by that...but with the movies you watch I don't know!!! LOL!!! Missed seeing you the other night, just wasn't the same without you.

SJ said...

No socks on the needles? I'm shocked.

I've been having issues with sleep too lately. I think it's the weather. Hope things get back to normal for you soon!

Kelly said...

I hope you get some good sleep soon!

I can't wait to see that scarf it sounds really cool!