Wednesday, October 3

Long time again

Seems I keep getting more and more behind on this here blog. Oh well I guess that is how it goes sometimes. Just been busy as usually with life and work and stuff. Some updates: still knitting just no pics. I finished a pair of socks yesterday and mended a pair. Rearranged my KIPs so as to work on just socks for Socktoberfest. So that is knitting. Over the weekend we went to Kennywood for a Military Aprreciation day. It was awesome. The park was open only for friends and family of military, so the park was not uber full. We were able to ride everything we wanted. We also got to stay for Fright Night which was an event. I am not a Halloween scary stuff in your face kind of person. I survived though. The "fun" part was we had 5 teenagers with us. Four were girls. Girls who really like to scream at everything. All in all we all had a good time. The most exciting news is we have new family members! Yeppers we got two new babie ratties. They are teeny tiny. Both are girls and their names are Opal and Gizelle. See how cute out babies are:

KennywoodFrightnightRatties 100

Nala the big girl! She is a fat rat! She was given to us by someone who could no longer care for her. She is still adjusting to life here.

KennywoodFrightnightRatties 093

Pandora our sick baby. She looks kinda goofy cause she is sick. We give her meds every morning and evening. Plus she has a bald spot from her surgery.

Finally a couple shots of the new babies.

KennywoodFrightnightRatties 092
KennywoodFrightnightRatties 104


Anonymous said...

Cute new pets!

cheryl said...

cute names!! How on earth can you tell them apart? Soon it will look like a KFC kitchen at your place with all the rats!!! Can't wait to see you it's been such a while!!

Heather said...

hehehehe Cheryl! That's just bad! :-)

Donna, Love the new babies! If they get as big as Nala, watch out!!!!!

Fall must be the season for new babies!

Kelly said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. Your new babies are so cute!

earl said...

i myself am a rodent lover and wanted to know wat kind of rat nala was to get so big