Wednesday, October 31

Still here and still knitting

Nope I did not fall of the face of the Earth. We have just been really busy around here. My husband recently started a new job. Plus I have been working for 2 months now. My husband and I both have evening jobs. So it is crazy around here between seeing each other and the kids. Right now we both leave for work before the kids get home from school. This means less time with them, and they are having to make their dinner. I am not really happy about this, but we both need to work, so I guess this is how it will have to be. I really like my job. My co-workers are nice and the job is such a perfect fit for me. I can wear whatever (sweatpants woo hoo) I want, don't have to fix my hair all nice, and no make up. Plus I can do whatever I want as long as I answer the calls. This means knitting, reading magazines, and watching TV. I have been working Sunday evenings which are usually boring. I am their all by myself because it is slow. So not only is there not much going on, but I get lonely. Sigh, that would be the only drawback though. Ok ok enough about work, how about some pictures!

As most knitters know we are just at the end of Socktoberfest. I completed three pairs of socks.

socktoberfest 004

These first socks are for my mom. The yarn was dyed by my mom while she was here on vacation. The pattern is from "Favorite Socks". I can't remember the name. The were done on size 2 knit picks circ magic loop two at a time. I really need to get these in the mail for her.

socktoberfest 029

These are for my husband. He wanted some heavy warm socks for hiking or playing in the snow with the kids. They are also from the book "Favorite Socks". The yarn is cascade 220 I had in the stash. They were knit on size 3 knit picks circ magic loop two at a time.

socktoberfest 027

These socks are for my son. They go just above his ankles. He wore them to school on Tuesday for crazy sock day. They are Opal rainforest in the snake colorway. They are basic stockinette socks done on size 1 knit picks circ magic loop two at a time.

socktoberfest 030

I really wanted to have these done for today, but it was not meant to be. This is the newest shipment from the Rockin Sock Club. I love love love the yarn and pattern. The yarn is socks that rock in "Lenore" and the pattern was created by the Yarn Harlot. I had the cuff done the other day, but because I have fat legs I had to rip and redo on a larger needle size. I am now further along than the pic. I have started the pattern repeat for the legs. I can not wait to finish and wear these. Up next is a pic of our babies. Just like human babies they eat, sleep, poop, and play. I have renamed their cage the "pooping palace". I swear it is amazing how much they can eat and poop in one day.

socktoberfest 003

And finally in honor of Halloween, my son being silly with one of our costume masks. Have a spooky scary Happy Halloween everyone!

socktoberfest 018


Anonymous said...

SHE LIVES!! glad to know you're still out there and still knitting. Hope to get together soon!!

Kelly said...

Beautiful socks! Can't wait to see your Rockin Sock Club socks.