Tuesday, January 1

Oops uh here is the pics I was to have posted a month ago.

Holy Cow time is flying by! It's already 20008! Anywho I have been knitting in between the busy. I even have pics to prove it! Here we go:

misc. 016

Three pair of socks finished. From left to right: rainbow stripe socks my own pattern two at a time magic loop size 1 needle. The yarn is pacapeds colorway tyedye. These socks are awesome, very soft and quite warm on the feet. The middle pair is Rock-n-weave pattern from BMFA done on size 5, 2, and 1 circs. I really like this pattern, the socks are so cute! The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in sugarmaple colorway. Finally, my favorite socks from the 2007 rockin sock club by BMFA. Lenore is the colorway as well as the pattern. Pattern was from the Yarn Harlot. Done two at a time magic loop size 2 needles. Love these. Such a pretty pattern. Will definately make more of these. Now some close ups of the socks:

misc. 018
misc. 017

Socks in progress:
misc. 019

Uuummm I forget what the yarn is (stupid me losing the ball bands five seconds after I take it off). These are simple ankle socks for my son. He likes them so far.

misc. 020

A finished purse that needs felted. The yarn is from JoAnns. Came in a kit. I love the colors.

misc. 021

The Rat Race scarf from Morehouse. Love love love this! It is being modeled on our pet rats play area. The yarn (forget what it is from Morehouse) is lovely and very squishy. The little red beadie eyes make this scarf. Here is a close up of a rat:

misc. 022

Novelty scarf for me:

misc. 023

Novelty scarf for daughter and cute kitty hat:

misc. 025

Better pic of her hat:

misc. 024

I know I don't have many specs and such for the pics, but honestly it is a miracle I even have pictures and posted them. Just feel like I never have any time anymore. I have not seen friends in months! Plus with Christmas things got real crazy here. Christmas was great though. Everyone got what they wanted. I got a Zune which I am sooooo happy with. Plus I got a Christmas bonus at my job that is destined for a Knit Picks order! Ok nuff blah blah blah. One last picture for ya. My favorite pic from New Years Eve at our house:

misc. 001

My husband and Opal spending quality time together! Til next time Happy New Year!!!!!


SJ said...

Happy new year, Donna! You certainly have been busy with the knitting. The socks all look great -- I especially love the buttons on the Rock & Weave socks!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Donna! My goodness has Sami grown!! I love the buttons on your rock & weave socks. I am working on mine, diligently! Okay, maybe not diligently, but a row or 2 here and there! :) Hope to see you soon. Let me know next time you're coming north!