Tuesday, December 4


Magically I have appeared from the great beyond!!!! Ummm no not really. I've just been absent because of the busyness. Work, play, home, family, fibro, it just seems to suck up all my time. I am online most everyday checking blogs and ravelry, but just never seem to get to blogging. I have been knitting lots though. Since my last post I have finished my Lenore socks, two pair of mittens, a scarf, a hat, started two pair of socks, and another scarf. Hopefully I can talk my daughter into taking pics later and I will really try and post soon. Been doing a bit of sewing too. I finished a new "blankie" for me. I swear I use my blankie all the time. With having the fibro I feel crummy, and I am always cold, so it is like my comfort blankie. Lately I have been taking turns with it and the electric blanket. Ever get so cold you feel like you will never be warm again? I do. And uugghh it really wracks my body. I end up hurting from shivering. Crazy. Today it a bad fibro day. I've only knit a bit on my socks, straightened up the laundry room, and folded two baskets of laundry. I feel horrible. Sigh it is so crazy I am making my kids go to the store with me when they get home so they can lift the few things I am getting. Well Ok nuff boo hooing. Hope to have some pics soon! Have a good day!


SJ said...

You're back! Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. I know what you mean about the cold. My feet are always the worst. They get cold in about October and don't really thaw until April -- even with wearing hand-knit wool socks all the time.

Yvonne said...

YAY, you posted!! I hope you're all right. I do miss you!