Friday, February 15

He's all mine! I am so lucky!

I know I'm a day late but that seems to be the case all the time now. Anyway this is a brag about the sweetest most loving man ever my husband. Not just on Valentines Day either, but everyday. I don't know what I would do without him. I really can not express in words how much he means to me. I can just say I really love him and look forward to spending the rest of my life with him. Ok I am having brain fog today so how about some pics. Speaking of my husband, here are a couple of pics of my presents from yesterday. As usual he went way overboard and spoiled me.

vday etc 007

Beautiful roses!

vday etc 010

The baby sock monkey is from my husband and the purple monkey from my kids. My husband also got me a chain (necklace) since my old one broke, and make strawberry rice crispie treats. Yummy! Plus the kids got me a box of chocolates. Such a sweet family.

So Valentines for me was good. Both my husband and I had to work but were off Wednesday so we took the kids and went to dinner. My daughter had a pretty cruddy Valentines Day. She went to the school dance, but because of her (evil nasty I really don't like this girl) friend her boyfriend may have broken up with her. I know it's just typical teenage angst, but to her it was the end of the world. Poor thing she called me at work and was so upset. I really felt bad about not being home for her. Sigh sometimes working sucks.

Speaking of work, things are a-changing. Our wee little company was sold to a really big company. So we have all been training on a new system. I work at an answering service. So it is kind of stressful and exciting at the same time. We switch to the new system next week, so the stress will be high until we all know we can work the new system.

Ok couple of pictures to end the post. First one is what I found after washing my clapotis in the washer. It is superwash so should have gone ok. Oooops. Guess what I'll be working on later. And finally a pic of my husband and one of his "babies" Opal. Have a great day!

vday etc 009

Jan 26 2008 045

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Anonymous said...

awwww, what a lovely day you had. The roses are beautiful. I can't belive your clapotis went haywire! I know you can fix it though. Hope to see you soon!!! And give a big hug to Sami for me.